Testimonials – Positive Dance Experience

Welcoming staff and beautiful environment promoting self-expression through movement

My private, contemporary dance lessons with Amanda are fantastic each and every week. It is a wonderful, welcoming environment to learn dance, technique and self-expression. She helps me reach my dancing goals and everything is tailored to my skill level and interests. Both Amanda and the owner of PDE, Chelsea are helpful and supportive of my dance journey. Definitely recommend this place for both inspiring or professional dancers alike.
V. Kotiadis, PDE Student/Recreational Dancer

PDE is our favourite dance studio!

Chelsea and her team have been so amazing creating a safe, fun and positive environment for their students. My daughter enjoys all her classes and the instructors inspire passion in them all. Its a great community to be a part of. We are very happy at PDE!

K. Ciotola

PDE is committed to creating well rounded performers

If you’re looking for a dance community of inspiration, authenticity, and exceptional training, Positive Dance Experience is it! PDE care about their students dance journey and is committed to creating well rounded performers. At PDE, dancers have the advantage of working with award winning choreographers and teachers for both competitions and performances. It’s more than a studio, it’s a community.

S. Hodkinson, PDE Faculty

PDE is very professionally run

PDE is a supportive community of dancers and instructors which makes for a fun experience. PDE is very professionally run, a lot of thought goes into the choreography, lesson planning, and execution. We have been very happy with PDE!

H. Jessiman, PDE Parent

PDE provides wealth of opportunities to learn

Chelsea and her amazing team bring their knowledge and passion for dance and create such a positive atmosphere where all students can thrive. The studio provides a wealth of opportunities to learn various forms of dance with quality instruction, positive role models and creative choreography. PDE has felt like an extended family where each dancer is treated with respect and part of a caring community.

K. McClure, PDE Parent

PDE is a safe place to be yourself

I love being a member of PDE because it’s an amazing studio where you truly feel part of a community. Everyone there is like my second family because they are so welcoming and no one is judging anyone else. It’s such a safe place where you can really be yourself and express yourself freely. Every day, after a long day at school, I’m so excited to go to dance class to see my teachers and my friends. The name PDE has a reason. It’s a POSITIVE dance studio and the teachers are there to promote a positive dance experience at all times! I have learned so much with Mrs Chelsea and Ms Amanda as my teachers and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of their team. They push us to be our best, teach us about having good sportsmanship but most importantly, they teach us to love what we do and have fun. In addition to teaching us, they are also our role models and act like mentors whom we can look up to for support, encouragement and just for someone to talk to. I have learned so much from them – particularly how to be confident, respectful, and to be myself always. I can’t say enough great things about PDE and what it has to offer. I am so grateful for the wonderful opportunities I have gained from being a part of this incredible dance group.

S. Pak, PDE Senior Competitive Team

PDE tailors programmes to students’ interest and skill sets

What sets Chelsea at PDE apart is the special attention she has paid to my daughter from day one. She tailors her programmes to her students’ interest and skill sets. She brings her professional talents as a performing artist to the studio every day to the benefit of her troupe.

E. Burke, PDE Parent

PDE is a great studio to dance at!

I have been dancing with Ms Chelsea and Ms Amanda since I was 5 years old. I love dancing because when I hear music, I just want to move my body to the beat. It makes me happy to express myself and it makes my heart feel like it is smiling. I especially love Ms Chelsea and Ms Amanda because they are caring and they keep me motivated even when we’re tired or don’t have enthusiasm to dance. They are always bright and cheerful and bring positive energy wherever they are teaching us. PDE is a great studio to dance at because the teachers not only care about teaching us how to dance but also about us and how we are feeling and if we are ok. It is like they are our parents who care about us and want to make sure that we are always safe. When we dance, we work hard but we also have lots of fun!

J. Pak, PDE Pre Intermediate Competitive Team