Our Program – Positive Dance Experience

Our Program


At PDE, our classes are geared toward having fun and learning new skills that dancers can transfer to their everyday lives.

Positive Dance Experience provides a full year dance program consisting of 35 weeks across Fall, Winter, and Spring sessions. We offer specialized training for Recreational and Competitive dancers. We have a wide range of Dance Classes for all children starting from 3 years to Adult. Classes range in length from 30 mins to 90 mins depending on age and level of the class.


Each registered member of the PDE dance family will receive a personalized registration package highlighting the most appropriate classes for their enrolment. Dancers may take one or several classes that are suggested to them. Dancers are placed in classes based on age and previous dance experience at the discretion of the Dance Director. 


PDE follows the curriculum guidelines based on the ADAPT, Acrobatic Arts, BATD Syllabi, and Alixa Flexibility.  

Recreational Dance Program

Our Recreational classes operate to learn the skills of a particular dance genre with the goal of working towards a Dance Examination (if applicable) as well as participate in the Year End Performance.

Competitive Dance Program

At Positive Dance Experience, we believe in a healthy approach to Competitive Dance. Our Competitive Team must train a minimum of 5 hours/week to be part of our team, and each team member is required to be enrolled in at least 1 Ballet Technique Class per week. Competitive Team members are dedicated individuals to the art of dance, and are looking to expand their opportunities in this sport.


The Competitive Team is offered by invitation only to dancers, who our faculty feel are ready to take the next step in their dance training. Dance is a subjectively adjusdicated sport, and therefore it is important that dancers of PDE attend Competitions with the sole purpose of receiving feedback from their adjudicators to improve their growth as a dancer. It is an opportunity to practice courage, teamwork, and to establish, measure, and create personal wins. The personal success of the dancer from their experience navigating the process of preparing for a competition, how they respond to nerves and performance, analysis of where they started and what they were able to achieve over the course season, are aspects of Competitive Dance that are far more important than the external outcome of ‘winning’


At PDE, we feel the process of Competitions are what is worth celebrating as it is those moments that are able to define who a young dancer is becoming as a person.