Welcome to Positive Dance Experience!


At PDE we aim to connect with our dance community authentically,  accept all dancers, support fostering new relationships, and inspire new passions and interests.  


We are so thrilled to be able to announce Season Three beginning on September 12, 2022. We have a wide range of programs for all children throughout Fall, Winter, and Spring sessions.  PDE offers tailored programming and specialized training for Recreational and Competitive Dancers.


PDE is a proud member of Dance Safe Ontario and follows all guidelines and protocols to ensure a safe environment for Dancers and Staff.


PDE is now accepting new clients for our Fall session.

PDE is committed to creating well rounded performers

If you’re looking for a dance community of inspiration, authenticity, and exceptional training, Positive Dance Experience is it! PDE care about their students dance journey and is committed to creating well rounded performers. At PDE, dancers have the advantage of working with award winning choreographers and teachers for both competitions and performances. It’s more than

S. Hodkinson, PDE Faculty

PDE is very professionally run

PDE is a supportive community of dancers and instructors which makes for a fun experience. PDE is very professionally run, a lot of thought goes into the choreography, lesson planning, and execution. We have been very happy with PDE!

H. Jessiman, PDE Parent

PDE provides wealth of opportunities to learn

Chelsea and her amazing team bring their knowledge and passion for dance and create such a positive atmosphere where all students can thrive. The studio provides a wealth of opportunities to learn various forms of dance with quality instruction, positive role models and creative choreography. PDE has felt like an extended family where each dancer

K. McClure, PDE Parent

PDE is a safe place to be yourself

I love being a member of PDE because it’s an amazing studio where you truly feel part of a community. Everyone there is like my second family because they are so welcoming and no one is judging anyone else. It’s such a safe place where you can really be yourself and express yourself freely. Every day, after

S. Pak, PDE Senior Competitive Team

PDE tailors programmes to students’ interest and skill sets

What sets Chelsea at PDE apart is the special attention she has paid to my daughter from day one. She tailors her programmes to her students’ interest and skill sets. She brings her professional talents as a performing artist to the studio every day to the benefit of her troupe.

E. Burke, PDE Parent