Dance Programs

Types Of Classes

Ballet Dance

Through this classical form, and by promoting a safe, healthy, and body positive approach, dancers will focus on the foundations of ballet technique, musicality, precision, building flexibility and strength. Dancers will develop the understanding of the history and terminology connected to Ballet through fun, innovative and age-appropriate classes. 

From barre work, to centre practice and moving across the floor, each class will lead opportunities for individual creative expression and development.

Jazz Dance

Jazz students are trained through the Associated Dance Arts for Professional
Teachers (ADAPT), which progresses through a series of graded levels. Each level focuses on a specific set of techniques appropriate to the developing dancer. Jazz dancing offers a high energy dance form incorporating jumps, turns, flexibility and style. This genre encourages development in co-ordination, strength and performance. Dancers will work towards taking their examination in the Spring.

Contemporary Dance

In the Contemporary Program, dancers will connect to their full body through exploring elements of modern dance, floor work, improvisation, developing skills for composition/choreography and more.

Classes will focus on building strength and grounding movement through an athletic and energetic approach. Dancers will continue to create and develop their own artistic voices through a supportive, respectful and empowering atmosphere.

HipHop Dance

In the Hip Hop Program, dancers will explore a range of street and social dance forms such as: breaking, footwork, house, waving, and more. This program will engage dancers in understanding the history of hip hop. They will learn about its origin, evolution, instrumental figures and their contributions to the hip hop dance community. Dancers will continue to build their musicality, strength, freestyle skills and sense of community, while being encouraged to explore and celebrate the power of their own voice, creative expression, and style.

Tap Dance

Tap students are trained through the Associated Dance Arts for Professional

Teachers (ADAPT), which progresses through a series of graded levels. Each level focuses on a specific set of techniques appropriate to the developing dancer. Tap dance is a style that focuses on rhythm and musicality. 

In this energetic and enthusiastic genre dancers work progressively to develop agility, co-ordination and technique. Dancers will work towards taking their examination in the Spring.

Musical Theatre

Our Musical Theatre Program is designed with age-appropriate theatre
material and utilizes live vocalization, improvisation and use of movement to
create a production piece with an emphasis on storytelling and character
development. Two instructors are involved within this class to create the
ultimate Musical Theatre experience. All classes will learn to read sheet
music, sing, dance, and act their routines for a live audience.

Connect and Condition

This class is the “recipe for success” for our dancers and will build connections with team spirit all while reaching our team fitness and dance goals.  In this class, dancers will learn and develop skills within the realm of personal training while promoting a safe, healthy, and body positive approach.  Training will focus on the foundations of strength, stretch and cardio training and provide a balanced program to prevent injuries. Dancers will develop the understanding of how to create their own dance based training program for outside of their classes with a professional instructor.

Jumps and Turns

The dancer’s of today are expected to have more ‘tricks’ in their repatriate of dance vocabulary than ever before. In this class, our professional
instructors will dive deep into the specific techniques of jazz dancing as it relates to the elements of Jumps, Turns as well as various kicks and
extensions. This class is important to the development of a competitive dancer, but also can provide more time in the studio for the recreational

dancer who is seeking more out of their dance training.

Acro Dance

We are delighted to be able to offer Acro Dance in our Second Season at PDE. Following the Acrobatic Arts Syllabi, Acro classes provide dancers
with the opportunity to work on acrobatics training, tricks and balancing skills. Our qualified and certified instructors hold the highest standard of
safety for our dancers in this program to ensure that they are following the proper alignment within these classes. Dancers will progress through

graded levels and will be offered the opportunity to attend Examinations to progress to the next level of their training.


At PDE, our classes are geared towards having fun while learning new skills that dancers can transfer to their everyday lives. Dance training allows the opportunity for an individual to express themselves creatively and develop as well as achieve new goals.  Our Professional and motivating instructors will challenge each student to reach their personal potential.

PDE follows the curriculum guidelines based on the ADAPT, Acrobatic Arts, and BATD Syllabi. Our Dancers will be placed in their classes based on the director’s discretion for the best possible path for your dancer. In some cases, an audition to enter the Recreational Program may be required to assess the level of the dancer wishing to enroll.  We highly recommend that dancers do not accelerate through levels, and therefore being promoted from one level to the next can generally take two to three years for completion, and in some cases will require an examination in order to progress to the next stage.  All Recreational dance classes are invited to join in the Year End Performance in June and showcase their talents!


At PDE, the Competitive Team is meant for the dedicated dancer who is looking to get more out of their dance training, have more goals to work towards, and who are looking to have several performance opportunities throughout the dance season. Admission to the Competitive Team is by invite only at the discretion of the Director, or can be auditioned for the summer before the next upcoming season. The Competitive Choreography Classes focus on working to create and polish a routine for our 2021-2022 Competitive Dance Season, in addition to training Recreationally.
Competitive Team Members will attend dance completions and access exclusive
mentorship opportunities, attend seasonal workshops and experience special guest
artists in studio.